A Storm Is Coming -SOLD

A Storm Is Coming
Sorry, but this painting has already been sold to another happy customer. However, I still have paint leftover and I want to give you what you want. So, if you like these painting, I can paint another, especially for you, or, something similar, and add your own personal flavoring to it so that it will be a unique piece of art. Please contact me with your ideas and I’ll be glad to work with you to get exactly the artwork you desire.

"A Storm Is Coming" measures 28 x32

Ever wonder why the elegant Rex parade each year includes a float with a giant cow? Well, it’s actually a bull - the Boeuf Gras or “fatted bull,” and it’s an ancient symbol of Carnival in France, where a live bull was paraded through the streets on Fat Tuesday. Traditionally surrounded by masked butchers and bakers, it represents the last meat eaten before the fasting of Lent. Le Bouef Gras, here, has broken away from his captors to escape his ancient fate and see the city, but as is the case whenever you feel the wind blowing in New Orleans, our friend can sense that a storm is coming.

These are all hand painted on the reverse side of reclaimed wooden windows.